Süddeutsches Schweinefleisch­zentrum Ulm Donau GmbH

Steinbeisstraße 17
89079 Ulm

Phone: +49 731/ 27062-0
Fax: +49 731/ 27062-290


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Welcome to SFZ Ulm

Süddeutsche Schweinefleischzentrum slaughters pigs for the Müller Group at the Ulm location.

The company provides the comprehensive marketing platform for pig production in southern Germany.

Live hogs and sows are accepted 6 days per week and 20 hours per day and processed into high-quality food from southern German.

SFZ Ulm proactively makes numerous improvements with respect to meat inspection, animal protection and process optimisation. To this end, the company, supported by the federal states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria, is working on an overarching data communication platform made up of producer, livestock trade and slaughterhouse websites.