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Quality management

Our strategic location in the middle of the main production areas of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria enables short and animal-friendly delivery channels. The transportation of pigs can thus be carried out with a little stress as possible.

In order to secure the supply of raw materials, quality control and the continuous utilisation of our capacities, we strive to ensure the steady procurement of our animals for slaughter through so-called supply and purchase contracts with our suppliers.

An accredited laboratory, which we make available to the veterinary inspection office in Ulm, is directly connected to the pig slaughtering process. Almost all the laboratory investigations take place here. External cross checks verify the consistency and coherence.

The independent quality control institute, “GSL”, has their own personnel and facilities on site. The institute efficiently organises the quality inspectors of all our meat products. “GLS” also supplements our in-house meat inspectors, animal welfare control and quality management.